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About Us

About Us

Agro Alimentos Andinos SAC was founded in 2007 as a business opportunity that made use of the availability of high quality fruits in the Peruvian market, as well as a growing demand in the food service industry in Peru. Therefore, we decided to become the link between growers and our customers, adding value by offering frozen products under our EL FRUTERO brand, thus avoiding the natural seasonal fluctuations in cost and quality. We process, freeze, store and distribute fruits from the valleys of Peru in order to make them available throughout the year.


From the start, we have stood out for our level of service, not only to our customers but also to our suppliers and coworkers. This has had a positive impact on the entire production chain, strengthening it in a healthy and sustainable way for the long term.

Going forward, we want to reach more customers and contribute to their growth, and continually seek to form lasting commercial relationships based on trust and cooperation.


To be identified as the highest-quality maker of fruit products in the market, with an emphasis on the excellence of our processes, constant innovation, and the development of the industries we work with, thus having a positive impact on society and our organization.


To be a strategic partner for our customers in the growth and development of their lines of business by providing solutions with our high-quality frozen fruit products.

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